Baker City and the Urban Dog

Moms push babies. Teens ride cruisers. Jocks run. Couples stroll. Dogs walk. And a river runs through it. The perfect urban trail cuts a nice, paved swath in the heart of Baker City following the Powder River through an urban landscape.

Photo Courtesy of Travel Baker County

Pippin loved it. He doesn’t know who Leo Adler was, and doesn’t much care about the self-made man, publisher and philanthropist who was known affectionately and respectfully in the 1900s as “Mr. Baker.”

Pip concerns himself with weightier matters: water to splash in, grass to roll in, and people to greet. The Leo Alder Memorial Parkway unfolds one dogtastic discovery after another.

The Leo Alder Memorial Parkway unfolds one dogtastic discovery after another.

The longest continuous section of the Parkway runs two miles north to south, with plenty of access points along the route. We started at Geiser Polman Park in the center of town, and jaunted south. North of the park, the path continues will fewer cross streets to negotiate.

With the leaves changing and urban bugs sleeping off the summer heat, the Leo Alder Parkway makes for a lovely early evening stroll, before the dark and chill of winter set in.

Visitor Resources

Surrounding Area Trails

Baker City also serves as a great jumping off point for great opportunities at Ski Anthony Lakes (Nordic ski trails in the winter), and the rough and rugged trails of the breathtaking Eagle Cap Wilderness.

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